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custom brass Leather Stamp Maker Stamp

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custom brass stamp


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custom brass Leather Stamp Maker Stamp

Our Custom Leather Stamps

Here at the Leather Stamp Maker, we can make any custom stamp or die you can dream of. Whether you’re looking to create a personalized maker’s mark, stamp your logo, use a custom unique font, or repeatedly punch out a custom shape, we can make what you want.

Our ordering process couldn’t be any more straightforward. Once we receive your quotation form, we’ll send you a virtual proof of stamp. Once approved we mill and ship your stamp the next business day!

Custom Stamps and Lettersets

Our Custom Stamps are CNC milled from solid brass and can be ordered to thickness up to 1″ and custom size. All of our stamps can be used with a branding iron as well as any standard press. Our custom front alphabet letter sets can easily be adapted to presses like the Dream Factory or Hot Foil machines. 

Waltrograph Front Custom Stamp Set Close Up

Custom Dies

Our dies are made from solid steel. All we need is a simple outline of the shape you want and some sizing information. These dies may be used with a mechanical press, hydraulic press, or clicker press.

Our steel cutting can be paired with custom brass stamps that leave a crips border every time! The brass stamp will have an outline that perfectly matches the shape and thickness of the steel cutting die. first stamp the leather then align the cutting die and press, you’re done!

Made in the USA all custom stamps ship out next day!