Individual Uppercase Letters & Symbols Brass Stamps (1/4″ & 3/8″) – For 137 Piece Set


Refine Your Leathercraft with Individual Uppercase Letters & Symbols Brass Stamps

Elevate Your Artistry: Leather Stamp Maker’s Individual Brass Stamps in 1/4" & 3/8" sizes are a testament to our dedication to the leather crafting community. Based in Hesperia, California, our family-run business has been the backbone for artisans worldwide for over 8 years, providing tools that transform your artistic vision into tangible artistry.

Select Your Perfect Stamp: Craft your unique mark with Leather Stamp Maker’s Individual Brass Stamps. Choose from a variety of Uppercase Letters, Numbers, and Symbols to find the perfect stamp for your leather crafting projects.

Our Individual Brass Stamps for 137 Piece Sets – a specialized collection designed exclusively for uppercase letter sets. Each character is precisely carved from premium brass, delivering sharp, standout imprints that bring a professional touch to your work.

Your Options Include:

  • Uppercase Letters: Any single letter from A to Z, tailored for your specific design needs.
  • Numbers: Pick any single digit from 0 to 9 for precise numerical detailing.
  • Symbols: Select from a curated list of symbols including ‘:’, ‘.’, ‘,’, ‘@’, ‘&’, ‘#’, ‘/’, ‘–’, ‘!’, to add special touches to your creations.
  • Font Customization: Select the font family and character that best fit your project’s theme.

 Individual Brass Stamps Features:

  • Precision Engraved: Expertly carved in solid brass for sharp, clear imprints.
  • Enhanced Variety: A broader spectrum of characters to articulate complex ideas.
  • Design Flexibility: Ideal for diverse projects, from artistic flair to practical applications.
  • Intricate Detailing: Add nuanced text and symbols to your leather creations.
  • Expanded Customization: Offer clients a broader range of personalization options.
  • Complementary Crafting: Integrate additional characters into existing letter sets for more complex designs.
  • Diverse Selection: Match your stamps with a variety of font families for a cohesive look with your existing collection.
  • Font Compatibility: Please note that font sets purchased before 2022 may not be compatible. If you have an older set, please email us for assistance.

Leather Stamp Maker’s Commitment:

  • Crafting Excellence: Each stamp embodies our unwavering commitment to quality and the leather crafting art form.
  • Customer Satisfaction: We prioritize your satisfaction and stand ready to address any concerns with the extra characters.
  • Sustainable Practices: Our stamps are packaged in eco-friendly materials, showcasing our dedication to environmental stewardship.

Enhance Your Collection Today: Join the Leather Stamp Maker family and experience the impact our extra characters can have on your leather crafting journey. Whether you’re adding a personalized touch to existing pieces or embarking on new projects, our stamps are the quintessential tools for flawless execution.